Sunday, February 10, 2008

Harold Bullock Conference

Sometimes we don't realize that certain moments were pivotal in our development until much later. I can say that the conference I just attended has the potential to be one of those moments. The reason I said 'potential' is because I need to systematically go through and process all the Areas that the Holy Spirit was challenging me. If I just put my notebook on the shelf, I'll forget it by next week. Harold was telling me that he went to a conference in 1974 that Max Barnett put on. He said that it was the most amazing conference he had been to. He spent many of his free moments going back over the content of the conference. He said it took him 14 years to do it. Wow.

I also want to start a "blogging series" as I unpack the stuff from the conference. I hope that writing about it will aide in processing and applying it to my life.

Just a teaser: To still be walking with Jesus and Making Disciples in 30 years, an MDiv just won't cut it. I need more specific character training. I'm not giving up on Seminary, but there are some opportunites at Hope coming up that will help with this. I'm praying about taking a light load at Southwestern to make time for this training.

On a side note, an Awesome pastor from an Awesome church in California asked if I would come and lead worship and start a college ministry at a nearby campus.... what an honor! I told him that we needed to stay here for now, but to keep me in mind for the future. ..


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I like this post a lot and can't wait to hear what you "unpack."

Love you!