Friday, February 15, 2008


For my class with William Dembski, renown as a leader in the intelligent design movement, we have been reading "Miracles" by C.S. Lewis. Up until today this has been a difficult and mostly academic read.

But today we started talking about if Miracles still happen. Well, of course I believe they still happen, but perhaps only intellectually. He showed a video that blew my socks off. It was an interview of a man in his sixties who experienced a miracle. AND, this happened here in DFW, not in the 3rd world like many stories of miracles

His story goes like this: His wife, daughter and granddaughter were driving down I-35 when his wife's heart stopped. The car crossed the median and hit a truck head on at 70 MPH. (They showed pics of the car, it was unrecognizable) The wife and the daughter were killed instantly, but the 3 year old grandbaby was flown to Fort Worth in critical condition. The man, Therman Scrivner (in case you want to google it) walked into the hospital and a nurse said that he shouldn't go in to the room because his granddaughter was very disfigured. He said to her, God IS going to heal her. In the interview he said that God didn't tell him as such, but he was standing on the promise of scripture. The doctors said it would be impossible for her to live. Here is a rundown of her injuries: Her knees were crushed, legs broken in two places, her face was unrecognizable, her brain had disconnected from her eyes and her spine, and she was bleeding from everywhere. Since her brain was disconnected, she was blind, and was on machines to breath.

Well, this man assured everyone that God was going to heal her 100%. He then proceeded to Pray and read scripture over her, and worship and praise God for the next ten hours.

To make a long story short, within 10 months she was completely healed with NO trace of the accident ever happening. The brought her on stage and she had NO Scarring on her face. Therman said that NO surgeries had been performed on her. "Not one knife has touched her..." he said.

The power of faith to heal.... Wow. I checked out his website, and yah, seems kinda wierd and charismatic, but I believe that this happened to this man. I'm not so sure about his "healing seminars" but it's intersting nonetheless.... Ever seen or heard of a Modern day miracle?

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