Monday, November 14, 2005

Unconnected thoughts

Ray Charles. I like his music. His life was really messed up though. So was Elvis. Maybe that's the trade-off. Fame comes at a price.

Having a bad day? Need a cheer up? Watch this video. It'll make you cry, and yet you'll want to jump for joy simultaneously.

Po'. Where' all my money going? To McDonalds I think. Hope I can make it to the 480.. (slang talk for phoenix)

Vee Dubs, I'd really like to own one.


danhay said...

Test comment

David Cottle said...

Man, no wonder Arizona State stinks this year...all they can tackle are cactus, not moving targets!

Watching Sparky definitely made me cry though...where can the poor guy sleep being so big?

Dude, you still have to get me a ASU shirt!!!!!

amy said...

That is hilarious. He is freakishly big on the prowl for an awesome red ASU hoodie for me...or sweatpants...or whatever. LOVE YOU