Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm off to the uh wait ...480.

Back in the diz-ay Arizona only had one area code for the entire state. Around the Mid-80's the boom to move out west hit, and Phoenix and the surrounding communities were growing like crazy.

I just remember that it seemed like overnight we went from one area code to several. I think it was when I was a freshman in college. Well, the 'rappers' liked to call Phoenix the "602" because...well... I guess it sounded cool. So, out of habit I call it the "602" 'cause I'm straight gangsta'. Technically though, my dad doesn't live in the 602 area code, but it just doesn't feel right to say that I'm gonna be kickin' it in the 480. So, for our purposes, I'm bouncin' to the 602.. ish.

Here are some fun Arizona images.
The Canyon (grand)
The Tempe Town Lake on New year's

Palm Walk. You can see how it got its name. DUH! Runs north-south through campus. I've walked on it like....1,000 times.
The Bridge over University Ave. The beginning of Palm Walk.
A rare geological find discovered in Tibet and transported carefully back to ASU. They found it just like that, I swear.
Seriously... not at Thanksgiving though.
Go Devils!


AmytheloveofyourlifeVanDyckfutureHay said...

I love you tons! That was a great post. Sorry to lose you to the 602, you straight gangsta...laughing...(this is where you usually say "what?" to my gigling.) Then I say...Sorry, but I just got this mental image from the openeing scene of Office Space where the guys is listening to that rap....

Grant said...

Hey Dan...

Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week.