Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HodgePodge Post

Could there be a more BORING bowl season? I've been longing for competition since the last regular season games... it got to the point where I was rooting for Auburn to beat Clemson... I don't care about either of these teams. Rose Bowl= The cure for insomnia. Sugar Bowl=Lawrence Welk on Sat. night. I hope OU wins the Fiesta bowl, but I hope it's a close one, just to satisfy my need to see a good game.

There was a car show at an old time Burger stand in Dallas today (jan 1). Amy and I blew the dust off the 38 and headed to Dallas at 9am. WOW. There was like 3 cars on the road. It was nice... until... we hit Cotton Bowl traffic. Because of this traffic I offically hate Arkansas and Missouri. Here's a pic at the "Dairyette" on Oats and Ferguson.

I'll be starting seminary at Southwestern this semester. That freaks me out a bit 'cause I wasn't exactly the best student the last time I was in school.

Right now I'm watching the episode of the Office when Dwight tries to take over the branch. Hilarious...

Amy is at the movies with some female friends (I can't bring myself to say 'girlfriends') so I decided to make cookies?? I've lost 15 pounds by the way.

I am a horrible waster of free time. That is, the little bits of time I get to myself, I blow it on nothing... ever heard of more-disciplined free-time? That's what I need. Maybe I should read a book.. I've been wanting to read "Hells Angels" by Hunter S. Thompson, but I feel guilty about that because its about bikers doing whatever they want.. I don't know why, but right now i can't bring myself to read a "Christian" book.. don't worry, I still love Jesus, just in a funk I guess.

I want to punch myself in the face everytime I log on facebook, but yet I still do it.

I learned some "hacks" for a Furby. Remember Furbys? If you feed him 3 times in a row, the pet his back, he'll burp 8 times. Cracks me up everytime.

I can be so melancholy. Amy and I have a running joke that if I won the lottery, I'd worry about the taxes. Sunday is usually a waste because I worry all day about going to work on Monday. It's like a disease and I hate it. I'm praying that the cruise is not ruined by my stupid preoccupations.


Amyzing said...

I loved this post. You light up my life.

I loved your cookies by the way. They were eyyyyuuuuuuuuuum!

Nomad Girls said...

Amy's one lucky girl, to have a honey who bakes while she's out with female friends. If only I'd been one of those female friends..

Ryan said...

Paige and I watched that episode at the same time you did. TBS?

We should come see you. Paige is going down there to stay with my parents for a while, and I'm going to visit in a couple of weekends.

Ryan said...

Well that's perfect cause I'll be getting there the 12th.

Jenny said...

I'm going to comment about every topic you talked about:

Bowl season was boring. I didn't even finish watching the OU game because I was starting to hate the world. I didn't think the Lord likes that, so I went upstairs and watched a movie. I don't even know what the score turned out to be.

Your '38 is really pretty and I want to go to a show with you guys sometime.

And you'll do great in seminary! Sometimes after a little break from school you will come back strong and make great grades.

I don't think I saw that episode of the Office.... what season? Oh how I wish the writers' strike would end!

Good job on the 15 pounds! We should have done some competition like that show "The Biggest Loser." That motivates me to lose some ell-bees myself.

I know what you mean about that feeling like you need to read. I have a hard time picking up a Christian book nowadays because they all seem like how-to listy things that I can't even keep straight.

Why do you want to punch yourself when you log onto Facebook?

The Furby is freaky. "Eeeeeyuuuummm!"

Yeah you can be melancholy, but, hey, somebody has to be! And you'll be too busy tubthumping (I don't even know what that means?) on the cruise to think about going back to work.

Welp, see you later!

Ryan said...

Tubthumping is a term for drinking I'm pretty sure. haha

Peas on Earth said...

Hey Dan! Sorry again I didn't recognize you at the school the other day. Out of context, you know! =)

So, how is seminary going? I linked over to your site to see if you had commented on seminary, but alas ... you leave us hanging. Having been there (starting seminary - both at Golden Gate and at SWBTS) I know how exciting, and overwhelming, it can be! I hope you love it and God uses it so vitally in your life. A word of caution - don't lose your passion for God or the Word while there. Sometimes the routine can begin to dampen it. God bless!!!