Monday, March 20, 2006

Diet of the Pros.

I Found this "diet" on the internet... enjoy.

1. For breakfast, just have cigarettes & coffee( no sugar, only sweeteners allowed)! The idea is that the cigarettes raise your metabolism and curb hunger, while the caffeine from the coffee also raises your metabolism and releases some of the fat molecules that was stored the night before.

2. Stock up on frozen entrees(only the lean kind under 300 calories) & mixed frozen veggies in a bag:carrots, peas, green beans and lima beans. Mix about 1 cup of veggies with the frozen entree and what you have is a satisfying, high fiber, low fat/calorie, filling meal under 350 calories! This is great for busy people since, all you need is a microwave.

3. Stock up on Dexatrim Max diet pills. I prefer to take 1 of these right before my workout ---This stuff really works. The rush and energy you get is amazing.

I've already lost 8 pounds and have just 7 more to go...Ultimately, my goal is to reach my original weight of 110----- cross your fingers! =)

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