Thursday, November 03, 2005

John Wooden

I'm reading Wooden's Autobiography "They Call Me Coach" He was the UCLA basketball coach for 27 years, and has been called America's winningest coach, with 12 NCAA titles, and 7 consecutive titles from 1967-1975. He's coached greats like Kareem Abdul Jabaar, and Bill Walton.

He reads his Bible everyday, and considers faith to be essential for coaching. To be entrusted with the lives of young men without God would be impossible, says Wooden. His coaching style reflected all of life, not just basketball. He taught his players respect, integrity and hustle.

Guys like Wooden really know how to lead and teach men. Seems like discipleship closely parallels the training on sports teams.

You should read some biographies. It doesn't take long, and their are some cool men and women out there that we can learn from...


Amyzing said...

Biographies are my favorite. I read them most

uh...we really should get some other people to read this. YOu are a good writer honey.

David said...

I've got a book by Wooden of lessons learned in his life! He is awesome! The guy is still alive too, and I think he is in his 90s or something...why can't faith be a bigger issue for more people in the spotlight, and people like Wooden who can model mentoring and discipleship through their leadership postions?

I'm glad you have this blog, thanks for being real! I think I have really matured while being over here, and I hope we both have time and I will make the effort to get with you when I am back in Decemeber! Love ya man!