Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dying Americana

A bunch of us went to the Drive-in Movies tonight... I say Movie(s) because it was a triple feature for 5 bucks. I got a little nostalgic, because to me, the drive-in represents the innocence of the 1950's, which is all but lost.

We're lucky to have such a cool drive-in so close. In 1958 there were 5000+ drive-ins, and now there are less than 500 nationwide. The Winchester, located in south OKC has been owned by the same family for 68 years.

Anyone want a HOT DOG?


David said...

we did a drive-in this summer after Todd's wedding in Chickasha, it really is such a nostalgic thing...even though my parents were barely alive when drive-ins were big! I guess people aren't too innocent either when they "parked" back during those times too!! Somethings never change

Amyzing said...

Seriously. I must say though. I have never "parked" at a drive in movie...maybe when we are married.

Good post.