Friday, December 14, 2007

Steriod Witch Hunt

Holy Moly. I think some people are taking this thing too far. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the skinny: Yesterday the findings of an investigation on Steroid use in Major League Baseball was released, and they named names! Many famous players were named including Roger Clemens, who might be the best pitcher of the modern era.

I just heard an uptight congressman say on Fox News that anyone who used should have the games they played in expunged because they 'cheated'. Also, they should not be let into the Hall of Fame, and that any game they EVER played in should be discounted because of use. Sheesh.

One thing they didn't say (but I didn't read the 500+ page report) is how long each player used. That should matter!! If one guy used it earlier in his career, he shouldn't be punished for guys like Barry Bonds who amp up daily.

Yes, it is wrong to use steroids. But we're forgetting something here: raw talent and hard work. Give me all the steroids in the world and I couldn't hit a ball of Roger Clemens, or anyone else for that matter. These guys are good, really good. Should we deny the Hall of Fame and punish them severely for just gaining an 'edge'? I don't know.. feel free to disagree and comment!

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Ryan said...

My biggest problem with this is the prosecutors are trying these guys by the media. Guilty till proven innocent. So un-American, yet so American. UGH.