Sunday, December 02, 2007

Roped in by Reality TV

Somehow I watched 3 episodes of a "Beauty and the Geek" Marathon today. I first started watching because nothing else was on, but after a few minutes I was sucked in. The premise is that a beauty and a geek are paired up and they compete against other teams of beauties and geeks, and a team is eliminated at the end of each episode. Seems simple, but I must say there seems to be some value to the nonsense! What sucked me in was seeing how they evolved and through adversity became friends by breaking down commonly held stereotypes of geeks, and uber-pretty people.

I even found myself hoping that at least one beauty would like one of the geeks and they would live happily ever after. The reality is that the beauties look at there geeks like there cute, helpless puppies. Unfortunately for the geeks, nobody wants to hook up with puppies!

There were many funny geeky lines, but this is the one I remember.
BEAUTY: Why do you have a roll of ducktape on your belt?
GEEK: You never know when you'll need ducktape. It's like the force; dark on one side, light on the other, and it holds the universe together.


Ryan said...

There was a funny reality show that some OU students produced where they stuck a bunch of crazy Norman people on a beach in Florida and made them do a sort of Survivor thing. It was funny.

Ryan said...

ASU should be playing us. They deserve it more than WVU I think maybe. I don't know. ASU has some crazy receivers, though, I do know that.

That was a really rambling comment.

Jenny said...

I've never seen that show. My favorite reality show is America's Next Top Model.

I remember senior year of high school writing an article in the paper about reality TV. I wish I could find that right about now......


Amyzing said...

I remember that paper. Were those the days of Joe Millionaire? Sigh. Which Geek won? Is the finale tonight?