Tuesday, November 27, 2007


What a gift is a Godly wife! And I have one. She loves me very much. That may sound like a cliche, but its actually loaded with meaning. She loves ME. If you know me, that can be a challenge. I don't always treat people like I should, I hold grudges, overthink everything, have perfectionistic tendancies, I make fun of EVERYTHING and take out frustrations on her just because she's close in proximity. How's that fair?? It's not. I often don't know why she chose me, but she did, and I know that God directed her to do so... Thank God!

To know Amy is to love Amy (as the old song goes). She makes everything fun, and I make fun of everything. (I think that was a parallelism) She's honest, open and teachable. I have alot to learn from my wife. Why is it, that anyone who knows her for more than 5 minutes wants to call, come by or just in general be around?? She loves Jesus and that overflows on the rest of us. I, on the otherhand, rarely get phonecalls, emails, from people.(not fishing) Instead of depressing myself, I'll just chalk it up to guys don't do that sort of thing.

To you single folk: Look at the heart (figurative) and look for qualities of teachablitiy, faithfulness and vision. Or just look at Amy.


Amyzing said...

I am loved! Marrying Dan was the best thing I ever did! God knew what I needed most in the world besides His Son and it was Dan.

I love you honey!

Ryan said...


Jenny said...

And she's HAWT!!! That's like "hot" on steroids the way 13-year olds on MySpace use it. And that, my friend, is a compliment.
You're pretty cool too and I'm glad you're in the family. On another note, I'm praying for all the hullaballoo to die down for you. See you Friday, SANTA!

Ronnica said...

I agree that you have something good in Amy!

Ryan said...

Yeah... Terry is paying for everything, so we're going to go. What time are you leaving Sunday?

Sa Du said...

how nice are you!? amy is pretty amazing.

and yes, i want to help support you with the needs of comments. you gotta help friends out.