Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stupid Awards 2005

**this is a re-post, so comments didn't transfer.
NOTE: These people aren't stupid, but the awards most definitely are. Without Further adieu..

"Best Fiance I've Ever Had"
Amy Van Dyck

Everyone now.... Awwww.

"Most Likely to Start a National Trend and/or catchphrase"
Mark Cone

Everything he does is art.

"Most Popular Girl in School"
Allison Powell

Nuff said..

"Bah-haha Award"
Dave Elliff

Thanks for bringing the laugh to Oklahoma, what a contribution.

"GQ Called" Award
David Cottle

Also the "Dude I've missed most lately" award

"Greatest O-stater"
Grant Bivens

Seminole already misses him.

"Best Picture Smile"
Jenny Van Dyck

So consistent, regal

"Hottest Grandma"
Junk Jennings

(insert your own commentary)

"Lewdest Facebook Picture"
Matt Carpenter

I had to edit this pic... never know when the kids are blog hopping...gross.

"Most likely to take Steve Jobs' Job"
Ryan Mock

His new invention is an MP3 player for foot doctors, it's called the iPodiatrist.

"Most Eligible Bachelor"
Shane Kammerer

He's pretty much Billy Graham that looks like Fabio.

"Coolest Teacher at OU"
Susanne Scott

Ich wünsche, daß ich sie als Lehrer hatte. Stoppen Sie bitte, mein Fett zu ergreifen.

"Chillaxin' Award"
Thad Lanthripe

Am I right, Am I right?

"What Tha..." Award
Anthony Chastain

Long Story...

"Hey Friends" Award
Tygre Meniolberg-stein


Whelp, that's 5 minutes you'll never get back... comment if I missed any awards.


Grant said...

Haha, thanks for the 'award' Dan-o

"His new invention is an MP3 player for foot doctors, it's called the iPodiatrist."
That is rather funny...if I may say so...


Dave said...

hey dude, now that is funny! Good stuff, thanks for the award, I owe it all to my good friend from Powhuska, so I must first thank him.


Jenny said...

Thanks for the award. I knew all my smiling practice would pay off someday!

David said...

I am speechless, not so much for making your incredible list ...but Carpenter, please! nuf said!