Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Last Christmas....For a while.

No, I'm not depressed, and no, I'm not dying. It's just that I was spoiled beyond belief this year, with enough gifts to last a few Christmases. I'm thankful and awestruck simultaneously, which combined spells "awe-ful"........... I guess that's not an accurate description of how I feel. I guess "undeserving" is more accurate.

Here's a list of the highlights:

* iPod video from Mom
*3 pairs of jeans, a sweater, Visoneering book, from Amy
* iTrip from Matt
* Gift Certificate from Sis
* Car from the Barnetts
* New Tires for the car From Toadie
* Home entertainment system (DVD/Surround) from Strap.
* Sweet radio control Jeep from Jenny
* 3hp 21 gallon Air Compressor
3/8 air rachet
Air tool accessories
Goodyear Airhose
Tool Set- pliers, test light, allens, screwdrivers etc etc.
Nose hair trimmer
One million candle power Coleman Spotlight
new undershirts/socks
-All from the Van Dycks
(I felt weird after opening all the aformentioned gifts because it was like, I hope you enjoy your CD I got ya!)
* I got to see almost all my family in Iowa, Arkansas, and the Van Dycks plus David and the Cottle Clan.

I'm not trying to brag, but wanted you to get an idea of the spoil-age. Anywho, I'm thankful to the givers and to Jesus who saw fit for me to have some cool stuff. It was a pretty rad Holiday after a long semester at Seminole.

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Grant said...

Yo yo yo...

What up Diz-an...

Sounds like you had a pretty good Christmas got to see a lot of family so thats cool. I'm makin' the move to Stillwater on the 3rd and stayin' the night and comin' back till that sunday before classes start. Its gonna be crazy.

Later bro,