Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

We're finally here, and after much traveling and relatives, we landed last night in the city of Corpus Christi, hometown to the slain Tejano music sensation, SELENA.

We've also been in ye olde Buick for about a week. But we did learn ten verses by just riding in the Max-mobile. We went from Norman to Bella Vista Arkansas, then to Des Moines Iowa for 2 days, back to Arkansas for 2 days. We opened presents with my family thursday night. Then we drove back to Norman on Friday, picked up Jenny and Buki, then headed for the sea. We stopped in San Antonio and had dinner with the Cottle fam. We then drove on to Corpus while watching "Can't Hardly Wait" on my laptop, arriving at 11:30 pm. Wow, it was a long day.

Amy's mom has about 974 presents under the huge tree, (little full, lotta sap) Anyway, the hugest present has my name on it, not sure how we're going to get it home. It's so big that 4 oompa loompas could be living inside.

Whelp, see ya later.


Ryan said...

If it is four Umpa Lumpas, can I have one?

Amy said...

You make my heart go bidi bidi bom bom.

Beck said...

I like the Christmas Vacation reference