Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And now...the Rest of the story.

Here goes. The weekend before thanksgiving there was a car show in Scotsdale, Az. My dad and his friends from the "Zonie Motors" car club decided to have some fun this year, because car shows can be quite boring at times. So, they decided to have a Mardi Gras party, and so they drove around the place playing cajun music and throwing beads at people. (they didn't have to do anything to get the beads)

This car was built just for the event. Four guys from the club got together and bought this 51 Chrysler. (yep, it's got a hemi!) They cut the roof off, lowered it, painted it flat black, put flamethrowers in the exhaust and stuck them through the hood. So they would drive around throwing beads and shooting fire from the pipes.
It was a trip, to say the least. It was really funny watching the all the over 50 car guys party. They were all hammered and dancing around by noon both days.

They also had about 5 blenders that were powered by weed-eater engines making drinks all day.

Eventually, they got in trouble for the flamethrowers, apparently they're illegal.. so in protest they stuffed newspaper and hot coals from the grill in the pipes and set them on fire.. real mature, huh?

You'll see the entire event in the upcoming video "Old Fogeys Gone Wild" which will be available for $19.95 on late night cable TV.



Grant said...

Great story dan! Thats a pretty sweet ride...I would drive it...

See you later today!


Amythehottness said...

I dig you and your stories. Love you!

emily said...

yeah for your new blog!

i like the snow.