Monday, October 10, 2005

Decisions !?

It's time I started getting things off my chest. Maybe I'll do it here, maybe I won't, but today I will.

I've been quite frustrated lately with the way people I care about are making decisions. These are people with lots of knowledge in their heads that is apparently stuck in traffic on the way to their heart. In other words, to know and to do are two different things. They know, but don't do.

BIG PICTURE: My dad always uses the expression, "stepping over dollars to pick up dimes" This is the idea that sometimes we get so wrapped up in details, or things that aren't important, and forget the vision that God has set before us. That's what I see happening all around me. People are dying and going to hell, guys are everywhere that need training, and all that dominates the mind is a GIRL. I have nothing against Girls, in fact, I'm going to marry a fabulous one. But God is clear about these matters... IDOLOTRY.. substituting the creator for the created.

ME ME ME Good 'ol fashoined selfishness. It's all about ME and what I want, MY happiness, what's best for ME. And God surely doesn't know what He's doing, if I trust Him, I'll probably get an ugly, nerdy boring person that will make me miserable. That's why I must take control of this area, becaues God will rip me off. It also doesn't matter in the least if the other person is ready, or if they need time to heal from past wounds, because, let me remind you that it's all about numero uno.

Counsel VS Advice This is the most tender point of my frustration. Advice is taken as a suggestion, Biblical counsel should be heeded. Most confuse the two.

Heart Friends We all need people who know us on a heart level. Most people know me on a factual level, Name, age, favorite color, etc. But these people are easily fooled by my tricks because they don't KNOW me. My heart friends know me so well, they can smell my BS a mile away. They know my past, my hurts, my tendancies, my struggles, and can make accurate assessments in light of scripture on my life. In other words, they have all the facts before drawing conclusions. These are also they people that I don't want to talk to when I mess up, because I can't fool them by telling them it was someone elses' fault, or some other lame excuse. I know exactly what they'll say because I know them on the same level.

So, I've been lonely lately because I know a few on this level, and they Know what I'd say about a situation, and are avoiding me. Instead, they take opinion polls from people who don't know anything in order to justify their actions and make them feel better about it. Sad, isn't it?

Guilty I have been guilty of everything I just said at one time or another, but I had some heart friends that LOVE me, and helped me see the big picture, and that God was trying to form my character and show me how selfish I am through these situations.

I'm spent.

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Amyzing said...

great post. You are very articulate and I think you are making a fabulous point. You are right. People avoid what is best for them sometimes. They need you in their lives. Thanks for the great girl comment. I love you.